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Rebase and Repairs

Repairing Your Dentures

Your dentist might recommend a rebase for your dentures if your teeth are in good condition and free from deterioration compared to your denture’s base material. Rebasing involves replacing the entire acrylic denture base providing a more stable denture while still keeping your teeth intact. Rebases are sometimes required for:

  • Broken or damaged dentures
  • Weakened or old pink denture base
  • Replacement of your immediate denture

Whatever kind of rebase or repair you need, we’re here for you. The good news is that most of these procedures can be completed in the comfort of our office in only one visit, so you can get back to living life again. If you ever find yourself experiencing any discomfort with your dentures, or if you think something could be wrong, it’s important to schedule a visit with us as soon as you can. The earlier we find any problems, the easier it is to fix them.

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