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Immediate Dentures

Restoring Peotone’s Confidence

Even though we go out of our way to conserve and protect as much of or as many of your natural teeth as we can, sometimes extractions of your damaged teeth are simply unavoidable. If this is the case for you, we want you to relax and know you’re in good hands with the skilled, experienced team at March Family Dental Care.

What we usually recommend in this situation is to consider getting an immediate denture so that you don’t have to worry or feel embarrassed about not having teeth. We’ll have your immediate dentures prepared and ready to go before we even remove your existing teeth so that you can feel confident and complete. To get the process started, we’ll take some precise impressions of your existing, natural teeth to recreate an accurate set of duplicates for placement after your teeth are removed. Your immediate dentures will look natural, for a smile you can be proud of all over again.

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