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Denture Care

Preserving Your Dentures

They may not be your natural teeth, but dentures require regular care, maintenance, and checkups too. If you have dentures, it’s important to use the right tools to help keep them clean and functioning normally without damage. You should always call us or come see us if you’re experiencing any discomfort or think you may need an adjustment. Remember to brush your dentures carefully using a large nylon toothbrush with bristles that have a rounded edge. Try to use denture cream instead of toothpaste because they can contain abrasives that can scratch dentures.

Dentures are susceptible to wear over time, so it’s important always to inspect them for any signs of damage or worn down teeth. If they are starting to fail, they age your appearance and function improperly. If your dentures start to become loose, please let us know immediately so we can check them for any damage and to help you avoid unwanted friction and pressure to both your gums and bones.

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