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Fillings and Restorations

Fillings and Restorations

Did you know that March Family Dentistry is a mercury-free office? We rely on safe, tooth-colored restorations to help mend your teeth using high-quality resin onlays that are bonded directly to your teeth. This helps conserve and protect your natural teeth, so they’re stronger and free from decay. Another great advantage of tooth-colored restorations is that they actually contain a little fluoride to help prevent future damage. They’re also healthier for your gums.

Do you still have some silver/mercury fillings in your mouth? Don’t worry! We can safely replace your silver fillings to help protect your smile and your body with tooth-colored restorations that are healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Replacing your silver fillings takes two appointments to complete. At your first appointment we will:

  1. Remove your old filling and any decay
  2. Take an impression of your teeth before sending a model to the lab
  3. Place a temporary inlay on your tooth
  4. The lab places a resin into the model of your teeth, designing it to look natural

At your second appointment, we’ll:

  1. Remove the temporary onlay
  2. Use a conditioning gel to prepare your tooth for the new onlay
  3. Add bonding cement to your tooth and use a high-intensity light to bond the resin to your tooth
  4. Polish your tooth for a seamless finish

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